Our Vision on event photography

Every event and every client is different. We see it as our mission to visualize our clients wishes and goals as clearly as possible in advance of the event. This way we can deliver a product that meets the expectations of you as our client as closely as possible. In the end we only get one chance to shoot our shot in event photography.

Inherent to our mission, we prefer to work with long-term partners such as Koninklijk theater Carre, Rijksmuseum, Adyen and 4PM entertainment. We believe that in this way both sides can grow closer to each other, something we see as beneficial to both parties in the long term.

Royal Theater Carré

Since 2022, Jeunique has been responsible for a large part of the photography for Royal Theater Carré. From events such as ''Carré 135 years'' Stibbe ''End of Year Event'' to the enchanting ''World Christmas Circus'' that takes place every end of the year. His mission was to show Carré in it's most various ways. From the restaurant to the numerous shows the theater hosted last year.


Since 2019 Jeunique photographed multiple events in and for Rijksmuseum. Events for external partners like Leaseplan and Bloomberg as well as events direct for Rijksmuseum.

Corporate events

Public Events & Festivals